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At the Theatre NEW WRITING By KENNETH TYNAN VM'LL I AL virtue attaches u . r- r- htch remind ihe I'Miiu of how much tl can lio wttnout and slilJ exist. B a i.n knon criteria, Mr. Samuel L;i Waiting for Godot (Arts) ,i dramatic vacuum: ptly the .mUv. ho seeks a chink in its armour, lor it is all chink It has no plot, no cjimax. no nttnenwnr; no beginning, no middle and no Unavoidably, u has a situa-1 situa-1 situa-1 -mi' -mi' and it mighi he accused of suspense, since it deals with 'ir impatience oi two tramps, waiting K-nealh K-nealh K-nealh ;l iree Hv a cryptic Mr Ciodol to keep hi appointment with in:m, but i hi. -i -i ' iwiiun is ncvei developed, developed, ano j gUncc .tl the pio-ctdmnic pio-ctdmnic pio-ctdmnic h . Mr Oodot is not going io (jodol " ! dead' child a: r c Luniphmcni is urubie ii the sdirn all th lhL. ikl , b v c r c. 1 n nd i i L i i i M.i s I. rtpPCrt hn g much mo. i tic book 1 c I : " W aiting for iciiisons everything recognise thcatt c 1 1 ; L Mom-house, Mom-house, Mom-house, as p 'litigc, no passport dec la re. el il gc's iMch( a pilgrim Irom s ihis, I believe, by a definition of drama n da mental than any in A. pla, U asserts and ill a means of spend-(hc spend-(hc spend-(hc dark without pi ovc. is b,SSLC int v, l) hours being bored Ik nulhor is an Irishman living in France a fact v.hich should prepare ns or ihc cxira. oddly serious li-kc li-kc li-kc he now pl.ts on us. P issin ihc in the dark, he suggests ;s not only what di j n i.i is Libout but also whal c is iifniui Existence depends depends on those meiaphviiCdl Miuwhcrs who will go on u jiting. agair-st agair-st agair-st all rational a rgumcnt r something whjch nid one day turn up to cpk. in 1 he purpose of living Tm.p' cars ago Mr Od ts had us wailing for Lef t . the s, sk i 1 1 n-.rjjh. n-.rjjh. n-.rjjh. less naiveK , Mr KcLkelt bid-s bid-s bid-s wail lor Godot, the 1 1 u.d I signpost. His two tt amps pass the lime ot day just as we, the HudicnuC, arc passing ihe time ol night Were we not in the theatre, wc should hkc them, be clowning and u;u.rrclung aimlessly bickering ,uid j)mlcssl making up alt. as one ol ihcm "to give us die im-pieson im-pieson im-pieson thai we exist" M r. Bcckctfs i ramps do no: ol icn talk hkc that. For the n,i p. i t ihc converse in ihc do u hi.: ol vaudeville, one ol mem has the ragged aplomb ol Mi Hi i sic i Keaton, the other is M t H,tplin al his airiest and taincsi. " heir exchanpe arc hkc those o nixes.. nixes.. 1 inns a i the next table which one Omost but not guile deciphers . human speech half-heard half-heard half-heard and :cpro-din.ed :cpro-din.ed :cpro-din.ed vmi h ail its non cqutf urv ab-KurdK ab-KurdK ab-KurdK linaei From hmc to time niher charaelcts intrude. Fat Poz7n. Humplv Dumplv uiih i whip in his ftsi, purls mto sight with Luckv, his dumb sIhvc The. ae cie.trK pomp sinncwheic in a hun perhaps thev knuw where Godot is 1 But the iniei-view iniei-view iniei-view subside lnio Lewis Carrol ha n inanitv. All thai emerges is that the master needs the slave as much as the slave needs ihc master, 11 pives both a sense of spurious purpose, and Line ihinks of Laurel and Hard., the ideal casting in these roles-Commanded roles-Commanded roles-Commanded to think. Ludt stammers stammers out a ghostly, ghastly, intermin able U'ade. compounded ol Jn.iu" and ibber rsh. ftkc tcno is thai, in -spjic -spjic liI m.jiei mI p I'rrN and " d 1 1 kmJ ot enn - ri 1.1 r-spintualk r-spintualk r-spintualk dwindle-- dwindle-- dwindle-- ! ha . slle he.L-a he.L-a he.L-a bouts reminds u t o1 ci b- b- . thai M . Bcekv"! one Jo.c sccsctjFs In ihc next jl Pozo and Luck ieiuvn. inis -imc -imc moving, moving, just is pu poeinlk. m 'he opposite diKetKin Ihc t:amps n vvnerc lhe arc A pjebcnung M Godot i and regret tm(i thai be meet them to-dav to-dav to-dav II message ab vcslcidav . same, ihev wait. The heio Crime and Pumhmcni " rcnecis i! a condemned man " had lo ic- ic- niain si.mdmi; on a square ard o( spjee arS his lite, a thousand vcars. eicrniiv ueie bctie: to live so than tii die at once Man is a vile L,:e.jiUie' and vile is he who vails Tvm ilc lor that ' " Someihmg of ;his iissed rm mind as ihc ai:-in ai:-in ai:-in n U.l .tn Mr Beic": s t.ji"c de-m de-m de-m ilior -toies -toies Ihe pin v seei the human Londj-is.m Londj-is.m Londj-is.m ii l i:is bagg panls and red noses Hastih labelling heir drsquict disgust. man ot ihe first-nighl first-nighl first-nighl audience audience lound it pretentious- Bui what, exacth. aie its pretensions r' lo stale thai mankind is wailing lor a sign which is late in coming is a plaiitudc which none hut an illiterate illiterate would inlcrpret as mak ing Ltmms to profundity. What vexed the plays enemies enemies was. I suspect , t he opposite it was not pretcn-tious pretcn-tious pretcn-tious enough to enable them lo deride it 1 care little tor its enormous success in Furope over the past three ears. but much for the way in which K prK:ked and stirnulaicd mv own nervous svstem It summoned the music hall and ihe paiable to present a view of lite which banished The scntTncntdhU of 'he music hall and ihe pa 1 able s tulsome upliM It foiced me to re examine the rules which have h n he Mo gover ned ;h diam.i, and. having done so. to pronounce ihcm not elastic enough. U is alidl new and hence ! declare mvscll. as the Spanish would sa atHlnnsta Mr. Peter Hall dirc,s ;hc pla with a marvellous c.(r to: Us elusive rhvihms. and Messrs. Peter Vs ood-thorpe ood-thorpe ood-thorpe and Paul Oaneman give the tramps a compassionate lunacv which onh prolessional clowns could excel fmvsicallv. Mr Peter Bull is Poo tii the hie vocalK. he teiplavs his hand Mr Timolhv Baieson s 1 uekx is anguish made comic a remarkable dchiexemcni pcrlcctK in keeping with the spir it nl the pla . IN hi1, M-lr. M-lr. M-lr. pet Stars i DuLh-j-si. DuLh-j-si. DuLh-j-si. DuLh-j-si. DuLh-j-si. nanu1 Sec rhc Mi 'ihui Bl.ikc hnw4 htmcli .n cnthiiMdtc bii iliphils fhscsscJ tcnialc i:"npei-inalor i:"npei-inalor His nil m k r iif liimons atnl ticcictl unmcn. sulIi .is M. Kimic-vclt Kimic-vclt Kimic-vclt nnd Miss Bctic Davis, is cnlitcK -ldmirablc -ldmirablc less SCCUIC- Plivmp men he is ntLich First Nights I o-sk o-sk o-sk wjkuvs Vrudf. F-csjia( F-csjia( F-csjia( Hslll Tirin : 1 hr Rtmunsirk' Orrr At. Rcprnt s Park I VVsnNisn-o. VVsnNisn-o. VVsnNisn-o. I itkr Your Pick (New Lindsr i

Clipped from
  1. The Observer,
  2. 07 Aug 1955, Sun,
  3. Page 11

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