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ILL-TREATMENT ILL-TREATMENT ILL-TREATMENT IN GERMAN CONCENTRATION CAMP Growing Brutality at . Buchwald 145 PRISONERS DRIVEN TO DEATH IN A YEAR From our Special Correspondent The German concentration camp at Buchwald now rivals Dachau as far as the ill-treatment ill-treatment ill-treatment of the prisoners is concerned. The grisonerS number 3,500. Most of them are Social Democrats and many are Jews and "Bible students." These so-called so-called so-called " Bibelf orscher " are the most persecuted persecuted of all the Christian sects in Germany because they refuse to say Heil, Hitler," on the ground that only the Supreme Being is entitled to such an honour. There are also some S.A. and S.S. men at Buchwald who have been arrested as being politically " unreliable." The prisoners have to parade at four o'clock in the morning. They work on the roads and in the quarries. Many are in a weak condition because of the bad food, the ill-treatment, ill-treatment, ill-treatment, and overwork. Those who fail, in the opinion of their guards, who are S.S. men, to do the required amount of work are punished with 25 strokes of the lash, which is a heavy, tapering thong of cowhide. These floggings occur daily, the victim being strapped on a trestle. PRISONERS' ESCAPE Last October, when two prisoners escaped, the other prisoners were made to stand on parade from six o'clock in the evening until eleven the following morning. Several prisoners collapsed and were punished by being rlonrfvpri nf fond for three davs. One prisoner, named Weinreiter, was found to oe fiiuiug in tne .oiiJcin.tA o and he was executed. Of the two- two- prisoners who escaped -one -one got away- away- altogether; the other was recaptured, and as he had killed his guard in making his escape he was handed over to the police, tried for murder, sen tenced to death, and beheaded. . . One morning the camp commandant . asked for seven volunteers for some .. special job. No one responded. whereupon five men were selected- selected- and marched off to the front of the . camp. Shots were heard. were never seen again, only their clothes, bloodstained and pierced with bullets, were returned to the camp. . The names of two of the victims are Bischof, a Social .Democrat and. former municipal councillor, and. Fischer. The names of the other three are unknown.. The death of the lawyer Hans. Litten, which occurred at Buchwald, was reported some time ago. A load of heavy stones was tipped over him. He was carried off- off- with a .broken thigh and a damaged chest. . It was of these injuries that he died. The "Bible students" are subjected subjected to special ill-treatment. ill-treatment. ill-treatment. Some have undergone a so-called so-called so-called "German baptism" They were placed -in -in a barrel of sewage and asked " if they still believe in Jehovah." The " Bible students " have shown a dour fervour in all camps and prisons, and at Buchwald they refused: to answer the question. They were then comr pletely submerged in the sewage again and again. In the year ending last May 145 prisoners were either- either- killed outright or beaten to death or driven to suicide at Buchwald.

Clipped from The Guardian05 Aug 1938, FriPage 13

The Guardian (London, Greater London, England)05 Aug 1938, FriPage 13
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